The Q & A About Baby Strollers A baby stroller is mandatory for parents with a newborn kid. Even though there are various categories of baby strollers, all of them are not created equal. This is why you should learn more about the various types of strollers and their models before deciding to purchase a baby stroller. There are numerous aspects, from handlebars to the wheels of the stroller, to discover when purchasing a new baby stroller. This article will answer some of the most important questions asked by the parents who are looking to purchase new baby strollers. Various Types of Baby Strollers - Baby strollers are categorized as single, double and triple. Baby jogging strollers also come with single and multiseats for that matter. Strollers that have multiple seats will have one seat directly behind the other seat. Stadium baby strollers are equipped with the rear seat slightly higher than the front seat, which would be helpful in both children viewing the scenery. There are some strollers which would allow you to place your children in different positions where they would be facing each other directly. The Double-Decker stroller is another variety where the rear seat is placed significantly higher than the front seat. The Height Adjustable Handlebar - This type of handlebar could be adjusted to the height of the parent or caregiver. This stroller is great for parents or caregivers with lower back pain issues. Such a stroller will help the parent to prevent from bending while pushing the stroller. Baby Strollers Suitable for a Newborn - A stroller should be appropriate for your newborn baby. You need to pay special attention to this factor before purchasing a baby stroller for your infant. The seat of such a stroller should recline enough so that the infant could lie flat. There are strollers that could be converted to an infant carrier or an infant car seat in the process. Such a stroller would be the best option for your infant. Restraint Buckles/Straps - You need to make sure that the straps and buckles in the stroller are secure enough to hold your baby and not injure them, before you purchase an appropriate baby stroller for them. In fact, the fasteners and buckles should be manipulated easily, but not so easily as to injure your baby by opening them. Is a Second Hand Stroller Safe for Your Baby? Of course, a secondhand stroller would be quite safe and acceptable for your baby. But you need to ensure that all the straps, belts and fasteners are in good quality before you purchase such a stroller. All of these items should be free of cracks, decay and damage. Make sure that your baby will not be able to open these items easily. The seat of such a stroller should be stable enough so that it will not collapse under your baby's weight. The reclining position also should be strong enough to hold your baby's weight. You also need to ensure that there are no sharp edges or places where your baby could damage his or her little fingers. Once all the aforementioned aspects are thoroughly examined, a second hand baby stroller would be ideal for your baby. Strollers with Parent Organizers - Most of the latest baby strollers come with a detachable tray which has a cup holder, space for your keys, wallet and the mobile phone. Convertible Strollers - Convertible strollers are those that are having a detachable seat which could be converted to an infant carrier or a baby car seat. This would help to prevent the continuous removal from the car seat to a stroller or to a carrier. This is a travel system which comes with a base that remains in the car. Could the Stroller be Maneuvered on All Terrain? Most of the baby strollers are made for mall walking or the street. There are other kinds of strollers which possess different kind of wheels for different terrains. If you plan to hike with your infant, you need to look for a different kind of wheel. The inexpensive umbrella type stroller is great for a mall or the street. Brakes of a Stroller - The most common type of brake is the brake that is attached to both rear wheels with a bar. This type of brake is preferred since it can be applied with one foot. There are some strollers equipped with a wrist brake which could be worn by the caregiver to prevent the baby stroller from rolling while you are stopped for some time. Finding Out about Recalls on a Stroller - You can get recall information from the store where you purchased the stroller. The internet will also provide such information to you. The manufacturer of the stroller could also be contacted for such information. Other sources to obtain this information include The Consumer Protection Safety Commission, and consumer magazines which inform consumers about the ratings of strollers. Can I Find Replacement Parts for the Stroller I Purchased ? You need to inquire from the store whether there are replacement parts such as wheels, etc. for the stroller that you purchased. This would come in handy when you need to replace a seat liner or an extra stay in the car base for the baby stroller. The manufacturer of the product would probably have such replacement parts in abundance. The owner's manual would give important information about replacement parts and where to purchase them. Keeping the Stroller in Good Condition - Safeguarding your stroller from bad weather is mandatory where maintenance of the baby stroller is concerned. Check the wheels, belts and straps periodically. They should not be worn out or broken. Oil them appropriately. Keep the seat cover clean at all times for better condition of the stroller. Concluding - The Q & A About Baby Strollers A baby stroller should be best suited for yours and your baby's needs. Your baby's safety comes first when you decide to buy a baby stroller. Make sure that your baby never exceeds the maximum weight that the stroller is meant to hold. Check with the store or the manufacturer to clear any doubt before purchasing an appropriate baby stroller for your loving kid.
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